RnB Keyz Chopz

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RnB Keyz Chopz

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Download RnB Keyz Chopz 1 - Download over 660 one-shot samples of chopped keys, chords, & riffs specifically designed for modern R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop music production featuring 2 different tempos & key signatures. Watch our video creating catchy keyboard hooks w/ RnB Keyz Chopz:

At 266MB in size, RnB Keyz Chopz 1 features 33 auto-loading software sampler presets & SF2 soundfont banks, and is organized into 2 popular RnB industry tempos: 64bpm and 69bpm. Tempo 64bpm contains 20 chops themes and tempo 69bpm contains 13 themes. The SF2 banks included feature 20 SF2 presets at 64BPM and 13 SF2 presets at 69BPM, providing 33 themes total! Each tempo group features unique key signatures:

64bpm = Key of D major/minor
69bpm = Key of A major/minor

RnB Keyz Chopz 1 features chord/riff compatibility across presets. For example:
Beat #3 of the RnBKeyzChopz1-Demo.mp3 uses chops from 3 separate presets.

RnB Keyz Chopz Collection - The Hottest Chopped Keyz, & Chordz Sample Library Ever:
The "RnB Keyz Chopz" Collection (Volumes 1 & 2) comes packed with over 1,540 one-shot samples of RnB keys, chords, riffs, & arpeggios derived from the popular ModernBeats RnB Keyz Loopset. The soundsets feature a total of 72 multi-format presets that automatically load all 1,540+ keyz samples into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV). Compatible with FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, & Pro Tools. RnB Keyz Chopz give users the power to manipulate and create thousands of uniquely composed RnB melodies and chord progressions instantly!

The "RnB Keyz Chopz" Collection (Volumes 1 & 2) ensures users achieve a classy, sophisticated sound by providing hundreds of r&b chord chopped samples (complex 7th, 9th, 11th chord inversions, and more), breath-taking keys riffs spanning major & minor scales, and professional keyboard dynamics required for today's r&b hits. A list of instruments includes acoustic pianos, clavinets, electric pianos, clavichords, harpsichords, rhodes, wurlitzers, as well as rare spinets. All instruments were uniquely programmed and offer a wide variety if timbre and effect combinations to suit any production: bright & light, dark & melancholy, acoustic & organic, electric & vintage, rotary & wah-wah, plus more. Each preset is arranged in order of ascending chord progressions, allowing users to sequence unique arrangements with ease.

RnB Keyz Chopz delivers all the class & style needed to achieve hit status! Tha HOTTEST keyz in Hip Hop!