Music Manager Contracts 2

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Music Manager Contracts 2

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Music Manager / Management Contracts, Music Business Contracts, Mechanical License, Sync License, Artist-Development Agreements. All Contract Templates were professionally drafted by Hollywood Music Attorneys. Easy fill-in-blank music contract template downloads.

Music Contracts Vol. 2 was created through ModernBeats Inc’s continued envision to provide its valued customers with the specific and necessary contractual forms needed to protect career endeavors and survive in today’s Music Industry. Volume 2 includes 10 template music contracts covering Mechanical License, Sychronization License, Master Use License, Management, Artist Development, & Work-for-Hire contracts. All contracts were professionally drafted by a Registered L.A. based Entertainment Law Firm.

1) Mechanical License Contract
Mechanical License agreement providing permission from a copyright holder to a non-copyright holder of a particular musical work to reproduce a specific musical work. Record companies use this license contract to produce albums. It is also used for soundtracks and for session musicians who may want to distribute their session work of which they are not the copyright holder, yet would like to use the musical work to self-promote.

2) Synchronization License Contract
Synchronization License agreement used for licensing musical works and the synching of those works with video/multimedia productions. This is the expected industry standard agreement when obtaining or lending parties permission for the use of a specific musical work in a movie, video, or other multimedia production.

3) Master Use License Agreement
Master Use Agreement is a general permission contract for a film maker to use a piece of music in a given film. This agreement must be used in conjunction with the synch license agreement. Specifically, the Master Use Agrement is used for a previously recorded piece of music, not an original work created specifically for the film.

4) Artist and Producer Development Contract
Official development contract whereby a studio, record company, or music producer agrees to assisting, recording, developing, and/or producing an artist for no upfront fees and/or promoting the music once it is recorded. This agreement clearly defines the compensation these parties may be entitled to for development contributions. Also referred to as “Spec” or “Speculation” deal.

5) Artist and Manager Contract
Professionaly drafted Artist/Manager contract for Artists seeking to establish a management agreement, hiring a manager for your career, or for managers seeking to manage an act/band. This is a thorough agreement that is fair to both parties, covering all major points of the artist/management relationship and duties involved.

6) Artist and Manager Royalty Agreement
Royalty contract between Artists and Managers which defines a clear agreement after a record deal is signed. This is agreement is dependent upon the terms of the record deal and not be defined until then. The current working relationship between the manager and artist will determine the terms of this contract and any compensation that is to be delegated.

7) Songwriter Contract
Songwriter's writing agreement. If you are planning on selling a song or writing a song for someone who wants to acquire all the rights with no strings attached, this is the officially drafted agreement you would be expected to issue.

8-10) Three Work-For-Hire Contracts: Arrangers, Vocalists, Musicians
Three separate agreements to be used by producers or recording artists using session musicians in recordings whether it be Arrangers, Vocalists, or Musicians. The Work-for-Hire agreements clearly define all roles of both parties and any rights therein, protecting the integrity of copyright claims and ensures payment when acting as the session performer.

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