Testimonials from Top Producers


"Winning 5 Grammy Awards and receiving 10 Grammy Nominations does
not come easily. You have to be on top of your game - MODERNBEATS
ensures my productions SHINE!"
- Mervyn Warren
Credits: Babyface, DMX, Whitney Houston,
Quincy Jones, Brandy, Celine Dion

"We've used ModernBeats on HITS for Jay Z, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Juvenile,
Frankie J, 2Pac's Nu-Mixx, plus more! Crisp, Quality, Tweak-free
samples PACKED W/ FIRE!"
- The BeastMastas
Credits: Jay Z, 2Pac, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Juvenile, Frankie J,
Styles P, Bone Thugs in Harmony

"Whether I'm programming for Destiny's Child, J. Lo, or Jessica Simpson,
ModernBeats libraries will provide the edge I need!" - Greg Bieck

Credits: Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica
Simpson, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony

"Thanx 4 makin' the BEST cutting edge libraries EVER! I've used your
sounds on everything from Janet Jackson to Celine Dion." - Anders Bagge

Credits: Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson,
Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion

"Holding #1 & #2 positions on BILLBOARD repeatedly is challenging to say
the least. MODERNBEATS helps me meet that challenge!" - Jack D. Elliot

Credits: Britney Spears, Nick Lachey, Brandy,
America's Next Top Model, Good Morning America

"Producing hits for Usher, R Kelly, 2Pac, & Whitney Houston,
we need sounds with unique QUALITY, POWER and PUNCH -
is our choice!" - Soulshock and Karlin

Credits: Whitney Houston, Usher, R Kelly, 2Pac,
Seal, Toni Braxton, Madonna, Sting, Monica

"ModernBeats is all about today's Hip Hop Sound and Production!
THERE IS NO BETTER Sound Developer, PERIOD." - Keith Harris
Credits: Black Eyed Peas, Mary J Blige,
Busta Rhymes, Ginuwine, Sergio Mendes

"I've gone thru all kinds of changes looking for solid drum sounds...
and there's a lot of crap out there!!! With MODERNBEATS,
you don't waste your dough!"
Credits: Daz, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Raekwon,
Lil Jon, Universal, ESPN, Fox, Coca-Cola, Nike

"ModernBeats creates AMAZING SOUNDS!!!
I just can't get over the quality... BANGING!!!" - SKI

Credits: Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Lil' Kim, NAS, Jada Kiss

"I've FINALLY tapped into a company that 'Gets It'.
ModernBeats Sounds are ALL TOTALLY IN THA POCKET
with what's happening in Hip Hop now!" - Jeremy Ruzumna

Credits: The Black Eyed Peas, Prince,
Macy Gray, Common, Santana, Esthero

"ModernBeats Loops are OFF THE CHAIN!!! Already, I've created
4 slammin' hip-hop cues for TV shows. I am DEFINITELY
w/ ur attention to quality.�
- Cisko Rodriguez
Credits: Mr & Mrs. Smith, Law & Order,
Ugly Betty, America's Next Top Model

BEAUTIFUL sounds guys, Thank you ModernBeats.com!" - Mark Bell
Credits: Depeche Mode, Bjork, & Electronic Duo LFO

"Ain't got time for bullsh*t weak sounds from those other sites,
MODERNBEATS had tha REAL Bangin' drumz READY TO GO!!!"
- Happy Perez
Credits: Baby Bash, Master P, Young Bleed,
Peety Pablo, Frankie J.

"I JUST LOVE the nuances built into ModernBeats libraries!!!
We've already used ModernBeats Neptunian & Dremendous
sounds on Elton John's 'Peachtree Road'.� - John Mahon

Credits: Elton John, Mary J. Blige, Sting, Stevie Wonder,
Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Cher, Spice Girls

"If you want your beats to BANG, stop kiddin' around;
Modernbeats' Sounds are the ONLY WAY TO GO!� - Jose Cancela

Credits: Composer/Producer for the Major Motion Picture
�Rize� by Director David LaChapelle

"WOW!!! After using ModernBeats' samples in my productions,
I've gotta say... I would've paid TWICE as much! GOOD JOB!"
Credits: Wu Tang Klan, Methodman, Dexter

"ModernBeats soundz slice right thru the mix, makin'
all my tracks sound MULTI-PLATNIUM! Used your soundz
on many albums for EMI, Virgin, and others!!!" - Damon Riley

Credits: The Matrix Reloaded (trailer),
Tomb Raider (trailer), Jewel, Faith Hill, Stacie Orrico.

"I am Likin' EVERY sound!!! ModernBeats Soundz are EXACTLY
what true producers look out for!" - Jason Epperson

Credits: Nelly, St.Lunatics, O Town, & more.

"Absolute hands down HOTTEST SAMPLES around! There are other
sound companies, but if you want to make straight up HITS,
you need MODERNBEATS!"
- Darryl S. Duncan of GameBeat Inc
Credits: America's Most Wanted
Madden Football 2000, The Sims, NBA 2K2

"ModernBeats is not only the FINEST sample libraries I have worked with,
but EVEN BETTER THAN MY OWN! These guys really know what they are
doing. PLUS... your spending cash with a company that has been the most
courteous & helpful that I've experienced ONLINE or in RETAIL!"
- Lukecage
Credits: Sound Designer/Producer for Sonic Foundry, Sony, AMG, Big Fish Audio

"Definitely the BEST Hip Hop RnB Collections around! The sounds are
fat & fresh, and the programming is FLAWLESS. ModernBeats sets
truly inspire hits!"
- Maddox, Producer
Credits: Sony Records, Universal Records, BMG, EMI

"ModernBeats Sample and Loop libraries are
plain and simple - EXCELLENT!!!" - Errol Kelly

Credits: NAS, House of Pain, Columbia Records, Tommy Boy Records

"I am always really skeptical about buying sounds online, but I
took a chance & couldn't be happier! ModernBeats' soundsets
gave me the HEAVY LOW-END I was looking for in my kicks.
I'll DEFINITELY be ordering more!!!"
- J Sleaz
Credits: E-40, Doey Rock, Jive Records, No Limit Records

"ModernBeats is a TRUE diamond in the rough. They have the HOTTEST
samples I have ever used!!! ModernBeats' team is extremely
accommodating, going the EXTRA mile to make you happy. I
hope they keep this going forever!!!" - Benjamin Burnside

Bigbaby Creative Productions

even while I was deployed to Kuwait!" - Wayne Goode


"I've been bragging about ModernBeats to ALL my friends (I must admit).
I didn't want to tell them at first, but these soundz are SLAMMIN! I'm telling
you man, keep up the good work! You guys have saved me time and your
prices are VERY reasonable. Man, I can't say enough!" - Jay-Stixx

Detroit, MI

"I LOVE Ya'll N*ggaz SOOO MUCH!!! I can't tell my boyz
where I got these soundz from!"
- Vince Ramsey
New York

"ModernBeats drumz are TRULY BANGIN! I've purchased sounds
from other online sound companies (I won't mention their names),
but they were ALL wack, but not MODERNBEATS. I use your drumz on
EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY!!! Looking forward to more!" - Wayne Gerard