Music Publishing Contracts 3

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Music Publishing Contracts 3

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Music Publishing Contracts & Music Publishing Contract Templates, plus Co-Publishing, Copyright Assignment, Radio Release, Publicist, Recording, & Booking Agreements. All Template Contracts were drafted by Hollywood Music Attorneys & are fully customizable.

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Music Contracts Vol. 3 was created through ModernBeats Incís continued envision to provide its valued customers with the specific and necessary contractual forms needed to protect career endeavors and survive in todayís Music Industry. Volume 3 includes 11 new music contracts covering Publishing, Co-Publishing, Copyright Assignment, Radio Release, Artist/Publicist, Record Recording, Live Show Booking, and Artist Sponsorship Contracts. All contracts were professionally drafted by a Registered L.A. based Entertainment Law Firm.

1) Publishing Contract
Publishing contract used when an artist seeks to distribute and promote his/her music, signing a publishing deal with a company to begin the process. This Agreement provides for payment schedules including flat fee and royalty payment options, plus more.

2) Co-Publishing Contract
Co-publishing contract used when 2 parties agree to co-publish a musical composition(s) or collection(s). This agreement covers copyright ownership and publishing receipt percentages, plus performance rights assignments.

3) Copyright Assignment
Copyright Assignment contract used when a songwriter, recording artist, or music producer professionally sells a copyrighted work to another party. This agreement ensures copyright transfers are official, secure, and handled professionally.

4) Radio Release Agreement
Radio Release contract used when sending an artist's music to a radio station. Radio stations often hesitate to play music without a radio release agreement. This agreement ensures the radio station they are fully free to play the work without violating any rights.

5) Artist and Publicist Contract
Artist and Publicist contract used once a recording artist has finished an album and aims to promote the album and a tour. A publicist is the professional an artist hires for these promotional endeavors. This agreement outlines all promotional duties the publicist will engage in on the artist's behalf.

6) Record Recording Contract
Record Recording contract used when a company is willing to pay an artist to record an album. This agreement includes flexible terms of payment, as well as, promotional duties. Be sure to get the terms that you want as an artist under the publishing sections of this agreement.

7) Booking Agreement (Comprehensive)
Booking contract used when booking a live show or performance. This agreement is presented to booking agents, club owners, or promoters to protect you when booking a live show. The contract covers all bases for the booking, as well as guarantee payment.

8) Booking Contract (Sales-Based)
Booking contract used when booking a live show or performance. This agreement is presented to booking agents, club owners, or promoters to protect you when booking a live show. This contract ensures the booking and covers flexible sales-based payment terms.

9) Sponsorship Contract
Sponsorship contract used when an artist has an album release, a tour, or live show coming up to assure all sponsors their dollars are safe and that the artist is serious about promoting their product. Also protects the artist, ensuring sponsors act on promises now signed for.

10) Agency Contract
Agency contract used to allow an agency or individual to act on the artist's or producer's behalf to procure promotional engagements, appearances, shows, and interviews.

11) Band Partnership Contract
Band Partnership contract used when working in a duo, band, or group situation to ensure all terms and roles within the band partnership are clearly defined. Also provides provisions for how band members may quit or be fired, plus covers publishing and copyright concerns.

*BONUS REPORT* - Starting Your Own Publishing Company
Learn how to start your own publishing company, as well as, structure the business so that the songwriter or producer (you) retain 75% of the publishing rights!

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