Radio MAX Music Loops

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Radio MAX Music Loops

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Download Radio MAX Music Loops 1 - Featuring over 200 loops in WAV/AIFF/REX2 formats (600+ files total) provided in a construction-style layout, ModernBeats presents "Radio MAX 1". Containing 10 multi-track themes, this melodic construction style loopset provides layered performances of modern Pop & R&B Dance music hooks, riffs, and licks. Each music instrument is separated into its own instrument loop file for full mixing capability & control.

Note: For matching drum loops, see Radio Rhythmz Drum Loops.

Radio MAX Music Loops 1 comes packed with a myriad of chart-topping Pop Dance and R&B Dance music performances! Plus, all music loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to combine and create hundreds of original multi-track musical compositions with ease! Loops are modeled in the style of platinum Pop Dance music artists such as Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Madonna, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

Radio MAX Music Instruments List -

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Acoustic Bells
  • Analog Bass
  • Arpeggio Synths
  • Brass Section
  • Breath Sound Effects
  • Chorus Synths
  • Choir Pads
  • Electric Guitar
  • Ensemble Strings
  • Fret Noise
  • Glide Bass
  • Guitar Harmonics
  • Horns Section
  • Marcato Strings
  • Muted Guitar
  • Portamento Synths
  • Phaser Pads
  • Piano & Electric Keys
  • Staccato Strings
  • Square & Saw Synth Leads
  • Sync Synthesis
  • Synth Bells & Pads
  • Synth Sound FX
  • Vocoder FX
  • Vocal Sound FX!

Radio Max Music Loops 1 is presented in the popular top-40 pop radio tempo 120BPM. Each of the 10 original 120BPM multi-track themes includes up to 4 loop variations per theme: "Hook1", "Hook2", "Verse1", and "Verse2". Each multi-track variation is separated in its individual instrument loop files totaling over 200 loops (600 files across the entire loopset) provided in 3 formats: WAV/AIFF/REX2. An example of multi-track loops with variations for theme 3 are listed below:

"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-all.wav (full mix)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-bl.wav (bell synth)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-bs.wav (analog bass)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-gt.wav (phaser guitar)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-pd.wav (dance pad)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-sy1.wav (synth lead1)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-sy2.wav (synth lead2)
"Hook1"  = RM03H1120-vo.wav (vocoder fx)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-all.wav (full mix)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-bl.wav (bell synth)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-bs.wav (analog bass)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-gt.wav (phaser guitar)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-pd.wav (dance pad)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-sy1.wav (synth lead1)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-sy2.wav (synth lead2)
"Hook2"  = RM03H2120-vo.wav (string ensemble)
"Verse1" = RM03V1120-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse1" = RM03V1120-bl.wav (bell synth)
"Verse1" = RM03V1120-bs.wav (analog bass)
"Verse1" = RM03V1120-gt.wav (phaser guitar)
"Verse1" = RM03V1120-sy1.wav (synth lead1)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-bl.wav (bell synth)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-bs.wav (analog bass)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-gt.wav (phaser guitar)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-pd.wav (dance pad)
"Verse2" = RM03V2120-sy1.wav (synth lead1)

Each 120BPM loop theme is featured in G major/minor key.

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