Vinyl Scratchez 1 - Kiks/Cym

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Vinyl Scratchez 1 - Kiks/Cym

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DOWNLOAD Over 900 Vinyl Scratch Samples w/ Free Upload!
GENRE Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Live, DnB
FORMAT Reason Refills, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT, WAV, Acid, Fruity, Soundfonts
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Download Vinyl Scratchez 1 (Kiks & Cymbalz) - Staying true to Hip-Hop's roots, ModernBeats brings you the hottest collection of contemporary vinyl scratch samples known! Vinyl Scratchez 1 delivers over 900 tantalizing scratch samples across 19 presets!

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Each of the 19 multi-format presets (12 kick & 7 cymbal presets) included contains a wide array of genuine scratch patterns and splices, giving users total control over the scratching rhythm. Each preset's layout consists of single scratches starting at C1 on the MIDI range, then gradually becoming more complex with longer patterns towards the end. Plus... single scratches have been grouped in pairs so matching forward-reverse scratches can be triggered easily. By changing root pitches of the samples in your software sampler, you can easily adapt the scratches to style of your beat!

Vinyl Scratchez Collection - ModernBeats continues as a pioneer in sound development by designing a new approach to implementing vinyl scratches into your hip hop productions! Once you sequence your own scratch patterns using ModernBeats' Vinyl Scratchez Collection (Volumes 1 & 2), you'll be amazed at how realistic your scratch patterns will sound! We believe the patterns you create will sound so authentic, you might consider never using turntables or emulation software again! Each volume in the collection provides a large array of geniune hip hop scratch splices performed by skilled hip hop DJ's. All scratches are spliced and programmed into sampler software presets giving the user total control over creating thousands of new original scratch patterns!

Vinyl Scratchez Formats - The Vinyl Scratchez soundsets each feature 7 formats total for auto-loading into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV). Compatible with FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, & Pro Tools.