Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six

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Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six

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Download Tru Bass 1 'Electric Six' - Bass Samples, Bass Guitar Samples, Bass Sample Pack Tru Bass 1 contains over 500 unique electric bass guitar samples + 6 auto-loading software sampler formats including WAV! Over 425MB in size, this multi-velocity bass sample pack features rich, powerful, smooth, and dynamic bass sounds you will only find in classic 6-string electric bass guitars! The set is divided into two different bass styles: Classic Bass and Sub Bass. Contained within each style are the main bass instrument presets featuring fully sustained and naturally decaying notes. Plus, the bass pack also features full ranges of bass guitar mutes, full ranges of bass guitar harmonics, as well as, a plethora of descending bass guitar octave slides and pitch bends!

Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six delivers r&b hip-hop bass instrument presets designed using only the highest quality recorded bass guitar sources possible, carefully assembled over a period of several months. Each main instrument preset boasts wide note ranges spanning over 4 octaves! (that's 50 multi-sampled halfsteps per velocity layer!). Plus, each main preset loads not 1, but 3 (yes, 3!) full-range multi-velocity layers resulting in a whopping 150 sustained samples per preset!

With ModernBeats' mission to deliver the upmost accurate, multi-sampled bass guitar sample pack available, absolutely none of Tru Bass 1's samples are looped. In fact, each of the 300 sustained bass samples included feature full 5-second sustains, all with 100% natural decay! What's the result? The user's performances sound highly realistic and deliver the exact same natural decay response one would hear and experience when playing a real, live electric bass guitar! Plus, Tru Bass 1 offers 100% natural bass guitar dynamics where absolutely none of the bass samples have been pre-mastered, compressed, or undergone any dynamics tampering whatsoever.

Tru Bass 1 Sub Bass - Let it be known, Tru Bass 1 bass guitar samples are far more than mere EQ'd or filtered renditions of its Classic Bass samples. Each bass style features several unique distinctions including differences in fret positioning, finger picking positioning, plus differences in timbre adjustment settings from the bass guitar itself. By designing each style based upon real, physical instrument attributes and settings, each bass style conveys a unique and authentic "fingerprint" with 100% accuracy! Plus, within each bass style, a wide range of mutes notes are available which are to be triggered upon releasing normal sustained notes. All mute notes are balanced and natural in level, resulting in a more realistic bass performance when played with the sustained presets. And don't forget - each bass style also contains a vast array of octave slides and pitch bends recorded at 3 separate duration lengths:

1) Half note duration slide at 92bpm
2) Quarter note duration slide at 92bpm
3) Eighth note duration slide at 92bpm

The "Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six" soundset contains over 500 unique bass guitar samples with over 600 samples programmed across all the presets included! Below are full explanations of all the file names contained in the set:

Explanations for main sample filenames:
"E50sC5c.wav" where...

E = Electric
c = Classic Bass style
s = Sub Bass style
B1, C5 = (note)(octave)
a = soft velocity
b = medium velocity
c = high velocity

Explanation for mute preset filenames:
"E01cmB1.wav" where "m" = mute

Explanation for harmonic sample filenames:
"E01chB2.wav" where "h" = harmonic

Explanation for slide sample filenames:
"S01cB1S.wav" where...

S = Slide
L = Long duration
M = Medium duration
S = Short duration

Tru Bass 1 Formats - 7 formats total for auto-loading into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV). Compatible with FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, & Pro Tools. Tru Bass 1 is truly an amazing multi-sampled, multi-layered bass guitar soundset no serious music producer should be without!

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