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Raw Snapz

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Download Raw Snapz 1 (Hip Hop Snap Samples, Snap Sounds, & Snap Sound Effects) - Over 215 one-shot snap samples designed specifically for today's Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, & Soul Producer. This amazing snap sample library was all recorded at 24bit, 96khz for ultimate sonic fidelity! Watch our video on how to sequence great sounding snaps w/ ModernBeats Snaps & Claps:

Raw Snapz samples all modeled after Timbaland, T. Pain, Lil Jon, Alex da Kid, Stargate, Storch, & Mr. Porter! Hundreds of expressive snaps samples are included: Dry Snaps, Quick Snaps, Intimate Snaps, Wild Snaps, Loose Layered Snaps, and Tight Layered Snaps! Containing 7 sampler formats & 9 software sampler presets, all 218 snaps samples auto-load instantly into your sampler of choice!

Raw Snapz features many finger snaps from a wide variety of hands were recorded within multiple room environments. In addition to using a variety of dynamic and condenser mics in the recording of the Raw Snapz library, multiple models of class A mic preamps including class A tube preamps were also used. And we didn't stop there - several mic pickup patterns and placement techniques were implemented as well including X-Y, Spaced Pair, and MS to offer users an array of authentic snaps timbres. A list of snaps provided with the Raw Snapz 1 soundset includes:

  • Single Snaps
  • Group Snaps
  • Snaps with Rattles
  • Snaps with Percussive Accents
  • Snaps with Skin Scrapes/Slaps
  • Snaps with Vocal Clicks/Smacks
  • Snaps with Vocal Breaths

In addition to the 9 auto-loading software sampler presets included, 'Raw Snapz 1' also features a large SF2 soundfont bank for soundfont users. The soundfont bank includes 9 internal SF2 presets for easy scrolling and auditioning of snaps within the user's soundfont-supporting sampler. In total, the snaps set features 9 software sampler presets, plus 9 SF2 soundfont presets that automatically load all 218 snaps samples into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV). Compatible with FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, & Pro Tools.

Download Raw Snapz & Upload Beats FREE to Britney/GaGa Topline Writers at Song Submit: