Dubstep X Music Loops

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Dubstep X Music Loops

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Download Dubstep X Music Loops 1 - Over 325 Dubstep music loops (52 bonus loops) in construction-kit layout, 740+ files in WAV/AIFF/REX format, & 1GB in size. Download the hottest dubstep loops now! Watch our video how to create cool effects with ModernBeats Music Loops:

Dubstep X Music Loops features styles of all Dubstep's top recording artists Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Nero, Bassnectar, Datsik, & more! The whole Dubstep X Music Loops Collection (Vol.1 & 2) includes:

  • Over 635 Construction-Style Music Loops
  • Over 1,345 Sound Files Totaling 1.65GB
  • 3 Formats Provided WAV, AIFF, REX2
  • 3 Tempos 128 BPM, 132 BPM, 140 BPM
  • 3 Key Signatures C, F, G Major & Minor
  • 15 Multi-Track Music Loop Themes Total
  • Each Music Instrument As Own Loop File
  • Up to 11 Music Variations Per Loop Theme
  • Up to 5 Intros, Verses, & Hooks Per Theme
Note: For matching drum loops, see Dubstep X Drum Loops.

Dubstep X Music Loops Collection - Download the complete collection (Volumes 1 & 2) and get over 635+ loops (1,340+ files) across 4 tempo groups (102BPM, 128BPM, 132BPM, and 140BPM) provided in 3 formats (WAV/AIFF/REX2). The whole two-volume library comes loaded with a wide variety of contemporary and classic music instruments for pop music production and provides users with a plethora of hit-worthy Radio Pop performances! All loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to combine and create hundreds of original multi-track musical compositions with ease!

Dubstep X Music Loops Instruments -

  • Dubstep Bass, Dubstep Lead Synths, Dubstep Sync Synths,
  • Dubstep Subtractive Synths, Dubstep Additive Synths, Dubstep Synth Pads, Dubstep Organ
  • Acoustic Guitar, Arcade Sound FX, Arpeggio Flutes, Arpeggio Synths, Cello Section, Chorus Synths, Choir Pads
  • Distorted Guitar, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Ensemble Strings, Flange Synths, Flange Pads
  • Hammond Organ, Harp, Leslie Organ, Marcato Strings, Monophonic Glide Synths, Orchestral Hits, Orchestral Strings, Phaser Pads, Phaser Synths, Piano
  • Reverse Sound Effects, Rhodes Keyboard, Square Synth Pings, Sub Bass, Synth Bass, Synth Bells, Synth Pads
  • Synth Worms, Tape Stop Sound Effects, Violin Strikes, Vocal Sound Effects, & More!

Dubstep X Music Loops - Loop Theme #5 Example -

"Intro1" = DP5I1132-all.wav (full mix)
"Intro1" = DP5I1132-ar.wav (arpeggio synth)
"Intro1" = DP5I1132-sy1.wav (ethereal synth)
"Intro1" = DP5I1132-sy2.wav (warm saw synth)
"Intro1" = DP5I1132-sy3.wav (dubstep synth)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-all.wav (full mix)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-ar.wav (arpeggio synth)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-pi.wav (deep piano)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-sy1.wav (ethereal synth)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-sy2.wav (warm saw synth)
"Intro2" = DP5I2132-sy3.wav (dubstep synth)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-ba.wav (dubstep synth bass)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-pa.wav (synth pad lead)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-pi.wav (deep piano)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-st.wav (ensemble strings)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-sy1.wav (dubstep synth1)
"Verse1" = DP5V1132-sy2.wav (dubstep synth2)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-ba.wav (dubstep bass)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-hi.wav (sound effects)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-le.wav (leslie organ)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-pa.wav (synth pad lead)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-pi.wav (deep piano)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-st.wav (ensemble strings)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-sy1.wav (dub synth1)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-sy2.wav (dub synth2)
"Verse2" = DP5V2132-sy3.wav (warm saw synth)
"Verse3" = DP5V2132-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse3" = DP5V3132-ba1.wav (sub bass 1)
"Verse3" = DP5V3132-ba2.wav (sub bass 2)
"Verse3" = DP5V3132-ba3.wav (sub bass 3)
"Verse3" = DP5V3132-le.wav (leslie organ)
"Verse3" = DP5V3132-sy.wav (monophonic synth)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-all.wav (full mix)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-ba1.wav (sub bass 1)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-ba2.wav (sub bass 2)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-ba3.wav (sub bass 3)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-le.wav (leslie organ)
"Verse4" = DP5V4132-sy.wav (monophonic synth)
"Hook1" = DP5H1132-all.wav (full mix)
"Hook1" = DP5H1132-ar.wav (arpeggio synth)
"Hook1" = DP5H1132-pa.wav (synth pad lead)
"Hook1" = DP5H1132-wo.wav (dub buzz bass)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-all.wav (full mix)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-ar.wav (arpeggio synth)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-pa.wav (synth pad lead)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-sy1.wav (ethereal synth)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-sy2.wav (warm saw synth)
"Hook2" = DP5H2132-wo.wav (dub buzz bass)

Provided Formats: Acidized WAV Loops, AIFF Apple Loops,
REX2 Reason Loops, All Loops Sample Accurate Stereo Files