Scoop DeVille - Good over Gangsta

December 17, 2015

West Coast Hip Hop will probably always have a tough Gangsta streak, but according to Scoop Deville - the producer behind Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock” & Fat Joe’s Read more

Welcome to the Sugastore

December 16, 2015

Producer Name: Shanel Cuthbert
Producer Beats: W.A.M.D., Jus Laugh
Location: London, UK

Versatility, adaptability, perseverance, and … meditation? For Sugastore’s Shanel Cuthbert, a diverse music producer hailing from London, England, these virtues have formed the mainstay Read more

Top Beat Boxing Mics

December 15, 2015

Have you ever wondered which mics are best for beat boxing? We’ve got the answers. Whatever your price range, there is a perfect microphone for the job. Most up’n'coming producers begin building their studio with an all-purpose large diaphragm condenser, like the Rode NT-2, but when you want your homie to beat box, havin’ a condenser Read more

L.T. mOE: The Right Risks

December 8, 2015

Making beats with heavy, hit-worthy swagger has become a revered trade. Everyone wants to apprentice, to hit it lucky, to somehow maneuver their way into the heart Read more

Rucker’s Brave New Ruckus

December 7, 2015

A Braver Sound

Producer Name: Shameen Rucker
Producer Beats: Preview 1, Preview 2
Location: Albany, NY

Co-founder of A Braver Sound (ABS), Shameen Rucker is a Bronx native living in Albany whose production skills rival the best up-n-coming producers. His musicality and intuitive grasp of groove Read more

Billboard’s Hidden Treasures

December 1, 2015

Everyone listens to what’s hittin’ the top of Billboard. Hundreds of those songs get copied, remixed, re-invented, and imitated by hundreds of artists. How many times have you heard a novice producer’s beat and thought “hey, I recognize that”? Really, there’s nothing wrong with learning or sampling from melodies that are already popular, but what if - instead Read more

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