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  April 6, 2008

How does a song climb to the top of Billboard and become a timeless hit? Expert PR, a hot video, a placement in a sound track, grassroots support, the list goes on. Before any of that can happen, though, the song has to be worthy of the hype. And that takes veteran knowledge of musical production, dynamite compositional skill, and an ear for powerful arrangement.

Hit Talk is a website devoted to answering the question “How do you produce a hit?” There is no simple answer that covers it all, and that’s why Hit Talk provides the answer in multifaceted fashion through our downloadable Hit Reports, Industry Interviews, Community-based Production Contributions, and Hit Talk Music Production Tips.

Hit Talk’s Hit Reports show you how hits are made. Each downloadable, illustrated essay explains the most intimate production details of the most prominent Billboard hits. Each Hit Report is its own self-contained lesson in music production, composition, and theory - explained in the context of your favorite hits.’s Hit Talk team has spent months developing a customized system of maps that explain various aspects of the hit from chord progressions to mix, to song arrangement, to abstract production concepts and ideas. Each Hit Report corresponds to a brief online preview article that gives you a flavor of the Hit Report contents.

With Hit Reports, You Get a Lot…

Track Detail Maps (View All)
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Song Arrangement Step-by-Step Reports
Hook Production Step-by-Step Reports
Bass Production Step-by-Step Reports
Chord Progression & Scales Reports
Mix & Frequency Separation Reports
Vocal Production Reports
Melody Composition Reports
ModernBeats VIP Samples & Loops

The Hit Talk Community is also a place to contribute production insight by adding your own wisdom in the contribution section found at the bottom of each article’s page. Plus, if you’re a producer, you can sign-up with Hit Talk for a chance to win a Producer Spotlight interview, and teach your peers a lesson. Finally, our regularly updated tips provide a steady current of production insight to keep your production skills and knowledge growing.

Sign-up today to stay informed of new Hit Report releases and production tip posts. As our library grows, so does your knowledge. We write our reports and production tips based on community contributions, feedback, and requests. So keep giving us your feedback and insight. Let’s talk.

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