What’s a Hit Report?

  August 29, 2008

A Hit Report is an awesome, educational, downloadable tool for aspiring music producers to improve their music production skills, music compositional skills, and music theory skills - all in one.

Unlike Hit Talk’s brief website articles, each downloadable Hit Report includes expanded, detailed coverage and illustrations of a hit song’s music production techniques and tricks including: Mix Production, Hook Production, Drum Production, Vocal Production, Bass Production, Melody Composition, and more.

With Hit Reports, You Get a Lot…

Track Detail Maps (View All)
Song Format Maps (View All)
Song Melody Maps (View All)
Song Arrangement Maps (View All)
Frequency Separation Maps (View All)
Chord Progression Maps (View All)
Groove Analysis Maps (View All)
Song Arrangement Step-by-Step Reports
Hook Production Step-by-Step Reports
Bass Production Step-by-Step Reports
Chord Progression & Scales Reports
Mix & Frequency Separation Reports
Vocal Production Reports
Melody Composition Reports
ModernBeats VIP Samples & Loops

Become a Hit Producer with Hit Talk’s Hit Reports…

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