Top Beat Boxing Mics

  December 15, 2015

Have you ever wondered which mics are best for beat boxing? We’ve got the answers. Whatever your price range, there is a perfect microphone for the job. Most up’n'coming producers begin building their studio with an all-purpose large diaphragm condenser, like the Rode NT-2, but when you want your homie to beat box, havin’ a condenser isn’t gonna cut it because beat boxers perform most of their vocal techniques beat with a dynamic mic, not a condenser. The true professional is prepared. Let’s run three scenarios:

First Scenario:

You have a lot of money to spend on your beat-boxing microphone: Consensus is that the Audix Fireball ($200 street) is the number one beat-boxing mic. Why? Here’s three obvious reasons: first, it’s a harmonica mic, so its design allows it to be held easily while beat-boxing. Second, the frequency response has plenty of bass. Compare that to the famous Shure Green Bullet Harmonica Mic - no gain in the bass range - it’s only made for harmonica. Third is the amount of Sound Pressure it can handle: 140 dB. With the amount of pressure dynamics in beatboxing, this mic is number 1.

Second Scenario:

You have a medium amount of cash, and want to buy something standard that any serious beat-boxer can respect. The Shure SM-58 ($100 street) is a classic vocal mic, respected among most beat-boxers. A step up is the Shure Beta 58A ($150 street). Many beat-boxers opt for this instead because of its higher gain response and signal-to-noise ratio.

Third Scenario:

You’re desperate, your boy’s on his way and you need a mic that isn’t a condenser, but you don’t have much cash, either. In a bind such as this, we suggest the Behringer XM8500 ($20 street). Reason is, this is the closest mic you can find to the SM58 that costs less than $50. It’s an impressive mic simply because it’s so cheap, yet sounds good and has the necessary bass gain. If you have this mic, at least a beat-boxer can perform his usual tricks, even if it isn’t the best possible microphone. If he or she disses this mic, just tell ‘em “yo, I’ll mix signals between the dynamic, and the condenser - record both at once, it’ll sound great.”

Finally, don’t forget hygiene. If more than one person is going to use that mic, there’s no harm in wiping the mic’s grill with a sterilizer like steresol, so long as you dry it quickly to prevent corrosion. Keep it clean, take care of your posse.

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