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"I started using Song Submit 13 years ago & I've now achieved numerous collaborations with Timbaland, Hans Zimmer's Bleeding Fingers, scored an entire series for HBO Max's The Garcias, plus placed music with the NFL, NBA, UFC, ESPN, top movie trailers & games. Now my manager is Timbaland's manager. Musicians looking to succeed in the music industry should seriously consider Song Submit." - Grammy Nominated Producer Gilde Flores

"Song Submit's A&R network is second to none. I'm now charting next to Beyonce across several FM Radio Stations! Song Submit connected me to an award-winning songwriter & radio promotion team, now my music is topping charts across Europe & beyond! Song Submit is a well-connected company any Recording Artist or Producer should join." - Recording Artist William Hughes

"I've been using Song Submit now for just over 3 months. In that time, I've made some incredible connections with top music publishers and labels who've signed over 30 of my songs! I'm writing cues, songs, and beats on demand. I've been paid far more by Song Submit than it has cost me! I continue to use ModernBeats for the best sounds & connections." - Music Producer James Kocian
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