Watchlist Artist Pantelis L.

  April 2, 2010

When Hit Talk combs our vast amount of Watchlist submissions, we choose the most promising musicians and producers: the ones that readers, talent scouts, and other artists need to watch out for. We only needed to hear Pantelis L’s demo to recognize the significant potential of this producer. Pantelis is Greek, living in Linne, France, and from there he works in a well-established studio programming music for television and cinema. Influenced from a very young age by the sounds of the classical piano and the charming lilt of the traditional Greek string instrument, the Bouzouki, he developed his musical sensibilities early in life. Now, he composes his own music in the style of his more contemporary influences: Alchemist, Dre and Timbaland, while drawing on the wisdom of the past. The results, as evidenced in tracks like Afthentia Emmoni, speak for themselves.

Representing Western Europe

I’m Greek and I live in Lille in northern France since I was a child, at the moment I work at the music production studio of Haris Berberian(, and I often go to Paris in order to follow my studies. We frequently collaborate with singers, guitarists and other musicians. Personally, I work a lot. Sometimes online, with Greek and French artists like Afthentia, Kas, Blessed To, Sheylley, Pockman, Da Prince and some other great artists from France, UK, and Greece.

On Meshing Traditional Music, Modern Style, and Experimentation

I can listen to traditional music, but enjoy US Underground Rap. I have a soft spot for score music, classic music and choirs, especially when all instruments and sounds respond musically to each other. Thanks to my job, I work on a large range of musical styles. At the Berberian’s studio, we mostly focus on cinema and TV music, but sometimes we are lead to collaborate and do things with electro and Pop artists. Furthermore, our studio has also a Sound Design section, where I often find myself working, especially for TV projects. Personnaly, I’m a Rap/RnB producer. Sometimes, I just follow “Charts”, and sometimes I look for something different.

I let my creativity lead the way, with no restraint whatsoever. I piece together various sounds to seduce my ears, and to make me feel a new musical dimension. I just do what I feel in the moment; it opens windows to new ideas. Generally, I do not use samples, I’m not excluing it, but most of the time I compose with Logic Pro.

…Since my childhood, I had the fortune of being surrounded by all different sorts of music. I think that the listening to piano, to bouzouki and even byzantin chants, influenced me to do what I do now. However, my main influences, on the styles in which I work on, are producers like Sulee B Wax, Tefa & Masta, Eric K-Roz, Stoupe, Dj Premier, The Alchemist, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Dr.Dre, classical composers like Chopin and Listz, film score composers like Enio Moricone, John Williams, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Brian Tyler, Joe Hisaishi, Don Davis…

Then there’s my daily environment. I have the chance to meet people with impressive musical experience almost every day thanks to my job. Watching, listening, and reproducing those musicians has helped - and continues to help - me to improve my skills.

Deriving Inspiration abroad

Generally I consider myself a person who like’s to travel a lot and It’s open to all different sort of music genres. This helps me to look beyond what I know, and search for all kinds of inspiration.
At this moment, I’m following Sound Engineering studies in Paris. I’m always willing to learn and acquire more experience. I like to enlarge my musical culture through listening to concertos, watching theatre, travelling, meeting new people, and every single thing that can lead my projects. I really like to create sounds from scratch and sometimes to invent scenarios for my productions.

Presently, I’m preparing some uncommon music projects, with Greek and French artists, which will be out very soon, and I invite everyone to visit my myspace page, so you can listen and give me your impressions. Myspace:

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4 Responses to “Watchlist Artist Pantelis L.”

  1. Terrance W on April 6th, 2010 8:40 am

    SOLID… I can tell that the Doc and Scott influenced your style…
    Very good. About travel… A producer told me that once - I truly see it’s evidence in the music now…

  2. xOD on August 16th, 2010 10:49 pm

    first off, finding this site made me trully realize how limited i was as producer. it was almost discouriging(spell check)lol. but a fire has been ignited inside me to advance my techniques. so i have to say thanks for that you guys. for real. i’ve been using fl studio off and on for the past 5 years. i JUST figured out how the eq’s effect the individual components of the music (literally about a week ago from me writing this letter). i can’t read music, but do know how to feel it. i mean i know how the music SHOULD sound, with note progression when i make my melodies, chords, bass lines and stuff. i guess what i’m really trying to get at is this. i have no problem putting a beat together; intro, verse, chorus, verse, etc. but is it possible to achieve that crystal quality sound by just tweaking the eq’s just right? or am i gonna HAVE to buy other equipment to do it? cause i’ll be honest, i’m pretty pleased with the results i’ve been getting from simply finding the right frequencies to place the different sounds on the fl mixer… and not to mention my budget to do other wise doesn’t exist right now. lol. please, let me know if im on the right track with this.

    anticipating sacrifice,

  3. Hit Talk Staff on August 17th, 2010 12:24 am

    Yo xOD,

    thanks for those compliments, don’t get discouraged. If you’ve got a good ear for melody and knowing how music should sound (and especially if you’re hearing something lacking in your own music that needs fixing) then you’re on the right track, and you might have the ears to carry you through to top production skills. We’d suggest having a look at the Wayne Wilkins interview here on Hit Talk (the sounds need to be the right sounds)… Plus have a look at the full Timbaland report if you can. You can link to them from the main page.

    Don’t get discouraged, and don’t let getting bogged down in details stop you from joyfully creating music… Try to keep your research sessions and your creative sessions separate. The musical muse flows better that way.


  4. Greekhop on August 26th, 2010 5:30 pm

    My interest was aroused cause I saw that this was a interview with a Greek dude, just like me hehe.

    Now on to critique the track :-)
    Intro was good cause when the beat dropped it was a suprise, and the melody was atmosperic and pro, nice. But I was dissapointed by the chosen style for the beat cause, havin grown up with Hip Hop, I got tired of this style of beat and flow more than a decade ago. Thats a question of taste of course.

    I’d like to hear something other from this artist, something more commercial perhaps. The production was relatively slick and balanced, cant tell too much cause its an mp3, but could have used a bit fuller more solid and defined low end, and I felt the vocal crowded the space a bit and was a bit loud. Melodicaly and rhythmically its pretty solid and in tune, and definitely on point for that style, the producer obvioulsy knows music :-) Afta (thats all). Keep doing ya thang, peace!

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